Agency Staff

Working with an agency offers greater work flexibility, more choice of hospital locations for you to work in and should you have other commitments or you are looking to add days to your working week, a greater flexibility in shift options.

We strive to offer our staff highly competitive rates and we take the time to get to know you personally. This means that all of our agency staff feel part of a team that is working to ensure that they are in the right post for their needs.

To register with Genepool, please download our application pack online or call our office to speak to a member of our team on 01959 578 920.

Permanent Staff

Aiming to provide a full array of staffing opportunities, Genepool not only offer temporary agency work but we can also provide permanent opportunities for our candidates as well. We have built strong relationships with Private and NHS clients across the UK and we work closely with them to help fulfil their permanent requirements.


To find out more our permanent opportunities, please call our office on 01959 578920 to speak to our team.

About Compliance

Genepool is a fully compliant agency who provide a complete compliance solution for all our candidates.  This includes all the compliances required for agency workers being supplied to the NHS under the National Framework Agreements and required under the Department of Health and NHS Employers regulations and guidelines.

Our compliance team works directly with all of our candidates providing a professional service to the highest standards. If you have any further questions about our compliance process, please call the Compliance Team on 01959 578 925  or email compliance@genepoolmedical.com

FAQs for Compliance.

What is a Face to Face Meeting?  The purpose of this meeting is for you to meet your Account Manager and  Compliance Consultant who will conduct a brief interview and verify your original documents.  Dependant on your job role you may also be required to undertake numeracy, literacy and drug calculations assessments. It takes approximately 45 minutes.  During COVID-19 Face to Face meetings are being held via video call, this will be in place until further guidance from the home office.

What is the Clinical Interview? All locums are required to undertake a Clinical Interview with a Senior Practitioner before they are placed out to work. These usually take 30-45 minutes depending on how many job roles you will be interviewed for.

I am a Nurse or AHP but have no proof of the necessary serology results, what happens now? If you require these results we can you help you organise them. Please let your Compliance Consultant know at your face to face meeting. 

What do I need to include in my CV? It must be up to date with a minimum of 10 years work history in a date/year format and the name of hospitals and any agency work is included. Your CV must include all locations where you have worked in the last 3 years and these must match your references. A CV template can be provided, please just speak with your Compliance Consultant. 

What employment references will you need to obtain?  We will need to have referee contact details for all locations where you have worked in the last 3 years. Referees must be a Senior Grade to yourself and the start and end employment dates must match your CV. 

Why do I have to update my file annually? In order to uphold our high level of compliance, several aspects of your file will need annual updates. We make this easy by contacting you three months before they're needed to ensure there are no disruptions to your ability to work. 

I have done mandatory training but I need copies of the certificates?  If you require the certificate for any training you have done through Genepool then please speak with your Compliance Consultant who will organise this for you.  

Can you accept Mandatory training I have done through my Trust or another agency?  Genepool can only accept training that is aligned with the CSTF Skills for Health framework and this must be verified by the training provider. Your Compliance Consultant will be able to tell you whether we can accept your training so please take along certificates to your face to face meeting.   Genepool accepts The Health and Safety Groups’ 'Skills for Health' CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training Course. Please also see HSG Participating Agencies link. Your certificates can be shared with us via The Healthcare Certificate Register

Will I need to undertake a performance appraisal? Once you have worked for Genepool for 12 months you will be required to undertake a performance appraisal with our Senior Practitioner. Please speak to your Compliance Consultant to find out more. 

What happens if my compliance file goes out of date or a document is no longer valid? If any aspect of your compliance is not complete or up to the required standard, then you will not be able to work any shifts with Genepool until it has been resolved.  Your Compliance Consultant will notify you with plenty of time to organise what is required to ensure there is no disruption to your work. Along with them, it is your responsibility to maintain your compliance file. 


To help with any queries you may have we have put together a list of the most common questions that we get asked. If you still can't find the answer to what you're looking for in this section, please contact us with your enquiry on 01959 578 925.

Simply download our application pack online or contact the office by telephoning 01959 578925 and speak to a member of our Compliance Team. 

How long does the application process take?

We aim to have you out working as soon as possible. The speed of the registration process depends on how quickly you are able to complete the application documents, as well as your availability to organise a face to face meeting with our compliance team. We do appreciate that the registration and compliance process can be time-consuming, however, as a responsible agency we are bound by the care standards regulations as well as the regulations and requirements of our clients. To enable full compliance, we have a dedicated team to get you made fully compliant as soon as possible.

How do I update my availability?

Please always update your availability with your Account Manager. You can do this via call, text or email. Please keep them updated at least once a week.

What do I need to take with me to a shift?

You will need to be prepared for all shifts with your uniform, timesheet and ID badge. If you are missing any of these items, please speak to your Account Manager prior to your shift as you will not be able to work without a uniform or ID badge. 

When will I receive my ID badge and Uniform?

As soon as you have been cleared to work, your Compliance Consultant will order your ID badge and Uniform. Please contact your Account Manager if you have not received your ID badge or Uniform after 5 days of being cleared to work. You will need to return the identification badge acknowledgement immediately upon receiving your ID badge. 

What areas of the UK do Genepool supply to?

Genepool supply to NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Care homes across England and Wales. We have dedicated Account Managers who work with candidates and clients in specific regions so we can guarantee you will be receiving a dedicated customer service.

How do I send in my timesheets and when?

Please email your timesheet to genepooltimesheets@integra-online.co.uk or fax to 0870 803 2154. Please do not email timesheets to your Account Manager direct as this could cause a delay in payment. Please ensure that you only send in scanned of PDF versions of your timesheets – photos will not be accepted by our payroll. Some clients have different rules when it comes to handing in your timesheets so please always confirm this with your Account Manager. 

Where do I download timesheets from?

When you log into your online portal, underneath the availability calendar, there is a download timesheet tab. Please take note of our terms and conditions on the second page of our time sheets.

If you have any problems with this, please call our office on 01959 578 920.

What do I need to fill out on my timesheet?

Different trusts have different approaches to time sheets – some require reference numbers and signatures. Please speak to your Account Manager when going to a new client to find out what is required to complete your timesheets for that shifts.

Please ensure that on every timesheet you complete the following:

  1. Full name of hospital 2. Your name and signature 3. Date of shift 4. Start and End time of shift (must include any breaks taken) 5. Reference/PO number if required 6. Signature by a nurse in charge or a senior member.

How far in advance can I book my shifts?

Generally, if we have your availability we'll contact you as soon as we have work via the TempNinja app or if it is urgent via the phone. Private Hospitals tend to be slightly more advanced with the shifts they put out than the NHS but both offer ad hoc shifts days before or even last minute. We do encourage self-bookings if you work in a hospital where you enjoy working to ensure you are receiving the work that suits you.

What elements will delay my payment once I submit a timesheet?

If your timesheet is incomplete our payroll department will not be able to process the payment. This includes missing dates and signatures from both yourself and the client signing the timesheet, as well as the ward and client name. If you send photos or poor quality copies of your timesheets, then we will not be able to process them. If this is the case, we'll ask you for another copy. Another reason for not receiving payment on time is if the timesheet is not received by us by the timesheet deadline. Deadlines vary per hospital type so it's best to check with your Account Manager when booking.

When can I be expected to be paid?

Payment dates vary depending on where you work, if you have any queries in regards to the date you will be paid for your shift, please confirm this with your Account Manager at the time of booking.

Do you have an out of hours service?

Yes, we have a dedicated on-call team who you will be put through to between 17.30-08.45 during the week and 17.30 on a Friday to 08.45 on a Monday to cover the weekend.  However, we must stipulate, this is for emergency purpose only so please only call out of hours to discuss upcoming shifts for the next day/night, sickness or lateness which will affect your upcoming shifts and last minute shift changes or cancellations.

Who do I call if there is a problem with my shifts or pay?

If you experience any problems, please call your Account Manager. For any payment queries, you will need to speak to our payroll department. Essentially anyone from the team will be able to help you. If you wish to escalate any issues, please ask to speak to a Manager.


If you know someone who is looking for a dedicated and straightforward agency, Genepool are always looking to meet new healthcare professionals and reward our current candidates for introducing them. We are currently offering £200 for Nurses and ODPs who successfully work 100 hours with us*. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make so the more successful referrals that you pass over to us means better rewards for you. Simply pass over their contact details to your Account Manager or request a referral form to be sent out to you. 

* Terms and Conditions do apply.

Refer a Friend

We are always looking for fantastic, friendly and fabulous nurses! If you enjoy the freedom of working for an agency, and know someone who would also like to join our team then we would love to hear from you.